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Stone & Brick Ideas

We pull together tips, updates and idea for construction!

5 Key Brick Styles That Enhance Curb Appeal

We explore the unique attributes and benefits of each style - from the vintage charm of reclaimed brick to the modern elegance of Herringbone patterned brick.

6 Innovative Concepts for Using Stone in Your Home's Exterior Design

Are you planning to revamp your home's exterior and infuse it with a natural, rustic feel? Look no further than stone! It's the perfect material to achieve that desired look. We present 10 fresh ideas for seamlessly integrating stone into your home's exterior design. These concepts range from creating an alluring façade to introducing texture and dimension into your landscape. With our ideas, you're sure to discover inspiration to enhance your home's aesthetic.

Top 10 Interior Stone Accent Wall Trends

We dive into the unique texture, color, and variance of different stone types, including boulders, sandstone, limestone, and more, that are ideal for creating an accent wall. Explore project photos for inspiration and get in touch today for your no-obligation consultation.