7 Best Chimney Repair Companies Lakeville, MN

Whether it's a minor crack or a significant issue, timely repair is essential for the safety and aesthetics of your home. We provide a list of the 7 best chimney repair companies in Lakeville, MN.

Fredrickson Masonry
August 14, 2023

When it comes to maintaining the charm and functionality of your home, the chimney often plays a vital yet overlooked role.

Whether it's a small crack or a significant structural issue, timely chimney repair is essential to keep your home safe and aesthetically pleasing, inside and out.

We are Fredrickson Masonry, and we are a masonry brick, stone & chimney repair company.

If you're looking to get your chimney brick or stone repaired, beautify your home with interior or exterior stone, or if you're looking to get your fireplace stone redone, Fredrickson Masonry is your Masonry Contractor to call.

We wrote this list to help people in need of chimney repair, or for people who suspect something is wrong with their chimney.

That is why we position ourselves as the #1 chimney repair company in Lakeville, MN, because that is what we genuinely believe.

Now, lets go into our 7 best chimney repair companies.

#1 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - Fredrickson Masonry

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We are Fredrickson Masonry, and we do residential & commercial masonry, chimney repair, and exterior stone & fireplaces.

Dylan Fredrickson started Fredrickson Masonry & Chimney repair so we could deliver super high quality work, at a fair price with excellent communication.

We want to deliver excellence to every customer, whether it's a custom home builder, a chimney repair customer, or someone looking to redo a chimney and fireplace - our reputation matters most.

When we repair your chimney, we'll ensure our repair and quality lasts decades.

We do masonry services for:



Prior Lake


St. Paul

Take a look at our work and see what craftsmanship we offer our customers.

#2 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - Jack Pixley Chimney - Sweeps & Masonry

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Established in 1977 in Andover, Minnesota, Jack Pixley Sweeps, Inc. has been meeting and exceeding the needs of those in the greater Twin City area for over thirty years.

Since the beginning, Jack Pixley Sweeps has been dedicated to being the best (not the busiest or the biggest) in the business, and in the last 35 years, that goal hasn’t changed.

They never hire subcontractors because they only want people with the same knowledge, training, and business practices they have representing their company.

All of their technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), and are provided with the best possible education and training.

#3 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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2nd Generation Chimneys is a locally owned business that was established in 2001.

They are one of the largest and most experienced chimney service companies in the country.

Over 95% of their business comes from Twin Cities-area referrals.

2nd Generation Chimneys provides complete fireplace and chimney services.

They use state of the art technology to provide exceptional chimney cleaning, inspections, and repair services.

#4 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - Chimney Doctors

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Michael McFarland founded Chimney Doctors in 1997.

Originally named Air Pro LLC, Michael had a passion for the chimney industry.

Steve Trumble began working for Air Pro in 2004.

Then, in 2010, after the unexpected passing of Michael McFarland, Steve purchased the company.

Steve began doing business as Chimney Doctors, and since that day, he strives to grow the company into a well-respected and people oriented company.

The vision for Chimney Doctors is to become the leading chimney, hearth, and educational service provider in North America.

#5 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps

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Blue Sky has brings value, entertainment, and safety at the best prices for their clients.

They have serviced over 10,000 chimneys in their time.

Blue Sky is a family and veteran owned business.

#6 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - Guardian Chimney Solutions LLC

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Guardian Chimney Solution LLC. is one of Minnesota’s premier chimney restoration companies.

From the front office to the front lines, their field - proven process has created incredible relationships with their customers that spans over a decade.

Guardian Chimney Solutions LLC. Is a owner operated company with over a 17 years in business, they welcome you to look around their website in hopes that they can provide value to your life with information to help you through the process of choosing a contractor you can trust as well as providing insight you may use during the trouble shooting process of your project.

They only use the highest quality products because they believe in quality over quantity.

#7 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - The Chimney Pro's

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The Chimney Pro’s Inc of Minnesota has been proudly providing Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Inspections, Fireplace Cleaning, Fireplace Inspections, Repair and Gas Fireplace Installations services to the Great People of the Minnesota Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin areas for more than 25 years.

The Chimney Pro’s are fully insured, experienced, qualified, and ready to serve.

They have worked on some of the biggest chimney projects in the Twin Cities, and they do some of the smallest.

When you hire The Chimney Pro’s you can rest assured you are getting the best possible service at a fair and ethical price.

#7 Lakeville Chimney Repair Company - The Chimney Pro's

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